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Concert Bands/Groups – near Oakville

Burlington Concert Band
Burlington Teen Tour Band - http://www.teentourband.org
Burlington Top Hat Band - http://www.tophats.org
Caledon Concert Band - http://www.caledonconcertband.ca 
Dundas Concert Band - http://www.dundasconcertband.com 
Guelph Concert Band - http://www.guelphconcertband.org 
Hamilton Concert Band - http://www.hamiltonband.org 
Kerr Street Band -http://www.kerrstbigband.com/
Mississauga Pops Concert Band - http://www.mississaugapops.com 
Mississauga Symphony - http://www5.mississauga.ca/symphony/ 
Milton Concert Band - http://www.miltonconcertband.com/ 
Resa's Pieces Concert Band- http://www.resaspieces.org/ 
Sophisticated Swing - http://www.sophisticatedswing.net 
Thornhill Community Band - http://www.tcband.cat 

Local Youth Orchestras

Halton Youth Symphony - http://www.haltonyouthsymphony.com/

Oakville Area Agencies

Bronte BIA (Business Improvement Area) - http://www.brontevillage.net
Oakville BIA - http://www.oakvilledowntown.com
CommUnity Arts Space - http://www.CommUnityArtsSpace.ca
Oakville deserves a special place for the arts to grow - Help Create Your CommUnity.
Oakville Arts Council - www.oakvillearts.com
Contact the Oakville Arts Council at (905) 815-5977 ext 4
Town of Oakville - http://www.oakville.ca
MyOakville - An Oakville community information & Classified ad site - http://www.myoakville.net

Concert Bands Associations in Canada

Canadian Band Association (National) - http://cba.usask.ca
Canadian Band Association (Ontario) - http://www.canadianbandassociation.ca
Ontario Band Association - http://www.onband.ca
The Cammac Ontario Music Centre (formerly the Cedar Glen Summer Music Centre) is a music camp for adults and families. - http://www.cammac.ca/english/TabOMC/Intro.shtml
Graham Nasby's Online Resources -
Links and resources for the amateur bandsman and/or orchestral musician in Canada, with particular focus on Ontario, Canada).

Music Teaching Associations

Canadian Music Teachers Federation - http://www.cfmta.org
“The CFMTA was formed in 1935 and is a national association of qualified private music instructors. Our purpose is to promote and maintain high standards of teaching among our members and to foster music excellence in our students”
Canadian Music Educators Association - http://www.musiceducationonline.org/cmea/
To encourage and guide the development and delivery of quality music education programs within a balanced curriculum. To encourage the confident and competent teaching of music through the awakening and nurturing of the creative spirit.
Coalition for Music Education - http://www.coalitionformusiced.ca/cmecindex.html
Facilitation of active advocacy and practical strategies designed to protect music education in the school system
Ontario Music Educators Association - http://www.omea.on.ca/
An organization of teacher/musicians dedicated to quality Music teaching in Ontario
International Society for Music Education - http://www.isme.org/
International Association of Jazz Educators - http://www.iaje.org/
The National Association for Music Education (USA) - http://www.menc.org/
National Youth Band of Canada - http://www.nyb.ca/
A project providing an opportunity for young musicians to work with a professional conductor and soloist, and to share and demonstrate their musical achievement and creativity.
Midwest Clinic - http://www.midwestclinic.com/

Other Associations

A Listing of International Band Web Sites -
Association of Concert Bands - http://www.acbands.org/
The International Voice of Adult Bands
National Library of Canada Music Archives - http://www.collectionscanada.ca/
Ontario Conservatory of Music - http://www.ocom.ca/
Community Band and Orchestra home Pages - http://www.boerger.org/
Links to over 700 community bands and orchestras.
The Royal Conservatory of Music - http://www.rcmusic.ca/
Yahoo! Community Bands - http://dir.yahoo.com/entertainment/
The community band list from Yahoo!
Music Scores Graded -
Excel File
Over 4,000 scores are graded and it appears the list is being added to each
Graham Nasby's Canadian Community Band & Orchestra Resources Page
A very thorough list of Canadian bands of all sorts. 

Misc Business Links

JRW & Associates Audio Productions
Professional live event & studio recordings - Serving the Golden Horseshoe area.
Contact jwonso@cogeco.ca or phone (905) 844-3290

Now there's an idea, get your kids involved in music real early. 
Did you know...
studying, listening and playing music improves your learning skills and IQ?

Interesting Diversions
Comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Irregular Meter in Video Games - http://cruiseelroy.net/2008/05/irregular-meter/

Ear Training - http://www.musicalmind.org/

Music Theory in a Minute - http://www.musictheoryminute.com/index.htm

Online Metronome and A-440 tuning pitch. - http://www.metronomeonline.com/
For the online practice sessions.

Find out if you are pitch, rhythm or tone deaf - http://www.bored.com/musictests/tonedeaf.htm 
Take the listening test and find our how good your tone listening is.

Music Cards - http://www.musicards.net/ 
online music theory flash cards to help you with your music learning experience.

Who needs a sax player anyway - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjONQNUU8Fg&mode=related&search=
Giant Steps played by a robot.

Giant Steps - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kotK9FNEYU
A great video on UTube of a sax playing Giant Steps. It even adds a little humor as the music pauses for the Piano Solo.

Tuba solo Fnugg Blue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHMyrhilkdo
A tuba performance by Oysteyn Baadsvik and the Stavanger Concert band.
Don't let it scare you! 

Volare http://www.capitalemocional.com/Sonidos/volare-karaoke.swf
You too can learn the words to volare! 

Pachelbel Rant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM 
A comedian rants about how much he dislikes Pachelbel's Cannon.

Toccata and Fugue in D minor - http://youtube.com/watch?v=ipzR9bhei_o
An interesting YouTube video of a player piano like animation.

Spheric Lounge - http://www.sphericlounge.de/
This site has a great list of MP3 ambient music for download.
Good background listening while working on your computer or perhaps during
your Zen Meditation exercises.

Drum Machine by Tokyo Plastic

The 100 Greatest Musical Composers
A list of composers, ranked for their innovation and influence, as well as their aesthetic importance and historical significance.

Instrument Jokes - http://www.mit.edu/~jcb/jokes/
The famous MIT web site page with all the music jokes you've heard and have not heard before broken down to musical instrument and other categories.

Singing Horses
Click on a horse and make him sing.

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the Oakville Arts Council promotes arts and culture in Oakville.

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